The Team


Originally founded in 1985, Cinemaware became a dominant force in interactive entertainment across multiple platforms of computers, consoles and mobile devices, with its titles rooted in classic movie genres and renowned for their Hollywood-caliber production values, immersive storytelling and innovative gameplay.

Sven from Cinemaware:“There are so many unreleased games out there and it was a personal heart desire to release such a pearl on his designated hardware. Can´t wait to get my hands on that box!“


WaterMelon has a unique history of passion and vision that differentiates itself from many other game companies. Their first project was to develop and distribute Pier Solar and the Great Architects, an epic game for Mega Drive that both marked the 20th anniversary of this platform.

WaterMelon’s true passion and goal remains consistent. It is “Making quality and fun games for the game lovers.".