Privacy Policy


CW Entertainment USA, LLC (the “WebMaster”), owner and operator of (the “Site”), is committed to respecting the privacy rights of all visitors to the Site. This Online Privacy Policy document explains how WebMaster treats personally identifiable information that is collected by the Site. By using the Site, you agree with and to the Online Privacy Policy described below. If you do not agree with this Policy, do not provide any personally identifiable information to us.


The WebMaster does not require that visitors reveal any personally identifiable information (“PII”) in order to access the Site. Although PII may be required to participate in certain promotions, technical support or sales, such information is provided on a voluntary basis only. Some situations in which PII may be required include:

* Participating in online contests, sweepstakes or other promotions.
* Purchasing items from the Cinemaware Company Store (in which case, credit card information is also required).
* Submitting questions or comments online, which require an e-mail address, telephone number or mailing address for a response.
* Registering at the Site.
* Participating in chat rooms. You’ll need to register and may be required to provide PII; however you can adopt a user name for use in the chat rooms.

Registering at the Site is free and grants the member certain rights, which may include, but are not limited to, discount offers, game news, new product announcements and more. An additional option is that you may “opt-in” to have PII and other information shared with the Site’s promotional partners and/or licensed software publishers. No PII will be shared with outside parties unless you “opt-in” to such sharing. Please note that the Site may share PII, to the extent permitted under the law, with its business partners (such as software publishers, retailers, and developers) who in turn shall only use PII for the same purposes as those set forth above.



The Site encourage parents and guardians to take an active role to protect the privacy of their children and to prevent unwanted use of information about their children. Parents and guardians should instruct their children never to give out real names or any other PII over the Internet without first getting parental permission. The Site will not collect information from people 13 and under, without prior parental/guardian permission. The Site will not accept any information from anyone less than 13 years of age without first receiving a parent’s or guardian’s written permission. The Site will remove any information provided by children from the system upon the request of the child or a parent or guardian.


Cookies are small pieces of electronic information that a web site can store on a visitor’s hard drive for record-keeping purposes. Cookies allow site operators like WebMaster to “personalize” the site to match users’ individual preferences. The use of cookies is very common on the Internet, and most major web sites use them. You can choose to set your browser to notify you whenever you are sent a cookie. This gives you the option to decide whether or not to accept the cookie. If the Site uses cookies, it will help provide a better, more individually tailored experience on the Site. Cookies are never required to use the Site. And the Site never stores PII in a cookie. Sites linked to the Site may also send cookies to users. WebMaster has no influence or control over such activities.


The Site may create links to other Internet domains or URLs, including those of its promotional partners and licensed software publishers. Children 13 and under, however, should get parental permission before linking to other sites. Sites that are not associated with the Site or authorized by WebMaster may also have links leading to the Site. The WebMaster cannot control any of these links and is not responsible for any content appearing on sites linked to or from the Site, or for any personal information gathered at those sites. It’s important to know that when you click on a link and go to the linked website, you are no longer on the Site, and the PII, privacy and other policies of the Site no longer are in effect.

Data Integrity and Security

The security for all PII is very important to the WebMaster and to the Site. The Site has and will continue to take responsible measures to assure the protection of any personally identifiable information collected from users and from other sources. This includes procedures to avoid unauthorized access, alteration, misuse or disclosure of PII.

You always have the right to unsubscribe from the Site’s mailing list, or delete PII collected about you or your children. The Site also reserves the right to delete information or to change its privacy policy, at any time. For further information on this privacy policy, or questions on information that the Site has collected from you or your children, or to correct or delete information that the Site has collected about you or your children, please contact us:

Go to our contact form.