Get rid of those ants!

We finally bring you what you have waited ages for!

"It Came From the Desert – The Action Game - Extended Cut“ will be released as a limited edition version. For the production of the cartridge, the case and the manual we are working together with WaterMelon Games, the creators of Pier Solar for the Mega Drive/Genesis. The release is planned for Summer 2015 and will be delivered world-wide. Pre-Order starting soon!

This limited-edition version will include:

  • Case with slipcover
  • Manual
  • Cartridge (yes, a real cartridge!)
  • Mini-poster

Over 10 years ago, we released the original game’s ROM as a free download for emulation fans. However, in “It Came From the Desert: The Action Game – Extended Cut”, brand-new in-game material will also now be featured in this exclusive, limited-edition version:

  • New intro-sequence
  • New cutscenes
  • New ending sequence
  • Additional gameplay elements